Emergency Operations Center Management Team

Stanislaus County is committed to improving our emergency response preparedness in order to ensure that we are ready to support the mission of the Office of Emergency Services/Fire Warden.

To be successful in managing the all-risk, all-hazards environment that we face today, individuals staffing our EOC must have both a breadth of knowledge and expertise. We must also have a depth of available staffing.

The Vision of the Stanislaus County Office of Emergency Services/Fire Warden is “Provide for a safe and resilient community through public awareness, fostering valuable partnerships, and ensuring effective emergency management.” We acknowledge that working closely with our partners is a key component of our emergency management responsibilities. We are all in this together.

The EOC Management Team is trained to respond to events and incidents that would require EOC activation. The team may also be made available to other EOCs in our Operational Area (county) for deployment, if requested. The EOC Management Team should not be confused with an Incident Management Team, which responds to field incidents. The EOC Management Team responds primarily to EOC activations."

EOC Management Team Forms